Inspired by the belief and conviction that every human being has equal value, The Carter Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that underprivileged youth from around the world are supported. Based in Marina del Rey, California, the foundation is led by entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist David Carter.


Carter was driven to start a foundation through a personal obligation to give back to a world that had provided so much. As Carter says, "It's amazing to see what even a small amount of money can do to change someone's life."

The foundation allowed for additional flexibility in the distribution and ability to effectuate change at home and abroad.

Since its inception in 2002, The Carter Foundation has provided donations and aid to numerous organizations and charities and missions, including:

  • Donations to HART
  • Provided use of school for Immigrant Children
  • Financial assistance for medical trips to Peru
  • Financial aid to families in need throughout the world
  • Donations to Chapman University
  • Donations to homeless

David Carter

About David

Entrepreneur, investor, and tech industry veteran David Carter knows first-hand how social programs and philanthropy can help foster success in youth. Growing up to a single mother in a rough neighborhood of Los Angeles, Carter joined the Boys and Girls Club after school program. His experience at Boys and Girls Club helped shape not only his career, but also his identity. After graduating from Weber State University with a degree in computer science, Carter launched a series of successful tech companies, including Vertical Technologies, Thoughtstar, and S5 Wireless. All the while, Carter never lost site of charity, and became involved in the Humanitarian Air Relief Team (HART) and served humanitarian missions to Africa (Ghana) and South America (Peru).

In addition to his business success and humanitarian efforts, Carter has been a featured speaker for numerous industry events, and has been quoted in major publications including Financial Times, Forbes, Business Week, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Seattle Times, USA Today, Conde Nest Portfolio, Motley Fool, Kiplinger, TechCrunch, ThisWeekInStartups, and more. Forbes recently named Carter as one of the "12 Entrepreneurs that are Changing LA Forever" as part of his efforts as a Co-Founder and Partner at Amplify.LA, a Venice based startup accelerator designed to raise the bar for business-technology